Basic 101 for Beginner Junior Golfers

Are you one of those parents who wants to put your little ones into a sport to help with their coordination or maybe just to keep them busy? Have you ever considered golf? There is a misconception that golf is an expensive sport for only the affluent. I’m here to guide you through this process with very minimal cost to get started.

Do I need golfing clubs? Yes and No. Yes, your child will need basically just three clubs to start: a putter, a wedge(iron), and a driver. You do not have to buy a new set of clubs. In fact, I recommend you buying a used set of clubs on Craigslist or Offer-Up site in a Junior size. You can definitely get a used set for about twenty dollars or less. They do not need any fancy clubs yet…your little one is just starting.

There are many organizations that provide free to a nominal fee for golf lessons. If you live in California, especially around Orange County/LA suburban area, then you are in luck. I will focus around these areas since that’s where my little one started. Three top programs to sign up for : TGR Learning Lab, SCGA, and First Tee. These programs provide the basics in learning how to play golf in a group setting.

Tigerwoods Learning Center (TGR Learning Lab) is located in Anaheim, California. If your child is 10+ years old, then this program is totally free. The clinics are on Saturdays. The program focuses on a specific lesson for the day and the lesson changes each week. Another plus about this program is that they will provide clubs for those who do not have any clubs of their own. This program is my first choice. You do not have to commit in buying any golf clubs since they will provide the equipment and the lessons are free. I also have to mention that they do provide lessons for younger kids (Super Juniors) as well for a nominal fee. The cost is still inexpensive. I would encourage newbies to sign up for this program to see if your little ones even enjoy the game of golf.

Southern California Golf Association (SCGA Jr) is another organization that services Southern California. Their junior program is great for practicing and introduction into playing golf. The cost for the yearly membership is only $60. The membership allows you access to certain golf courses with an affordable cost to practice and on-course play. Costs may vary at certain locations, but the range practice is usually $2.00 and course play is about $5.00. You can’t beat these prices. I highly encourage you to sign up for this membership because it will save you money in the long run.

I will only briefly talk about this next program, The First Tee. I think it deserves a discussion even though I didn’t put my daughter in it. This program is national so most likely you will find a location near you. I mention this program for those who just needed a place to start and do not live in Southern California.

I hope this helps those who are on the fence about choosing golf as a sport. Although it is true that golf is an expensive hobby, as I have described, there are programs that make golf affordable for juniors.

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  1. O.C. says:

    Super interesting! My son expressed an interest in golf, but I’ve been apprehensive. I think I’ll give it a go knowing all this info.


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